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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your jellies contain alcohol?

We leave a slight amount of alcohol in the jellies. This helps bring out the flavour of the base product be it wine, beer, spirits, or cider.

2. Where do I find your jellies?

Our jellies are only sold in a few stores. Visit our WINERIES page and see the establishments who we make jelly for. You can also order from us on line.

3. Are your jellies gluten free.

Wine jelly is gluten free but beer jelly contains gluten due to the ingredients in the beer.

4. Do you make a suger-free jelly?

We don't, as sugar is an integral part in jelly production.

5. How do you use your jellies?

Enjoy our jellies daily, from toast in the morning, to a charcuterie plate for lunch, to an accompaniment to your favourite protein at dinner.

6. Are your jellies Vegan friendly?

All of our ingredients are plant based and therefore our jellies are Vegan friendly.

7. What beer makes good jelly?

The more flavour in the beer, the better the jelly. Some generic beers

lack the flavour to stand up in a jelly.